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Te invitamos a ser parte de nuestra red de Canales en Latinoamérica,​ brindando soluciones de software integrales para la administración ​eficiente de sus diversos procesos.

¿Qué le ofrecemos a nuestros Socios de Negocio?

our technology this changing lives, we want to grow and do it with you, that translates into great opportunities commercial, also creating loyalty in our customers, because we are building an ecosystem of solutions that allows us together to be part of their neural processes.

Planeta tecnología
Transformación digital

Program Benefits

In DigitalWare entendemos los retos y es por ello que hemos construido un grupo de herramientas y beneficios que le permiten a nuestro Socio de Negocio estar listo para crecer sus oportunidades comerciales, a través de un programa de reconocimientos, incentivos y acompañamiento.


Access to important discounts

NFR Licensing (Not for Resale)

Partner portal access 

Collective Marketing

Training, coaching and ongoing certification. Digital University

Support table. Access to technical support

Our pillars

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A través de la inversión constante en el CAPITAL HUMANO de nuestros Socios de Negocio, en DigitalWare We constantly share our knowledge.

Knowledge is potential power, it becomes power when it is apply, so we create experiences through constant accompaniment.


Incentivando las oportunidades comerciales a través del acompañamiento permanente y reconociendo la labor de los Socios de Negocio en sus clientes, buscamos entregar un ecosistema de soluciones que permiten abrir un umbrella of opportunities that add value as part of the neural processes of organizations.

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Queremos construir relaciones permanentes, es por ello que nuestro objetivo es establecer modelos de comunicación y acompañamiento que nos permitan conocer el ADN de nuestros Socios de Negocio, ayudándolos acrecer.

+13 Reconocimientos Gremiales



International Quality Certification for the ICT Sector.



Superior level in the definition and institutionalization of its technical, security and business work processes.



The company Colombian more 




Recognition of the Leading Company in Sustainability and Innovation Strategy (CCB.)



International Quality Certification for the ICT Sector.

ISO 9001


Certification quality ISO 9001.

ISO 20000


Certification quality ISO 20000.



More of 1,000 companys of the largest of Colombia and Latin America



More of 300 CEOS’s are example of innovation and leadership



More of 20 million of people have improved its quality of life




More of 29 years generating value for all the Economic sectors and implementing the BETTER PRACTICES



More of 2,000 projects of digital transformation implemented

In Digital Ware We are convinced of the importance of continuous growth, and on this commitment we have decided to build a channel ecosystem that brings significant changes, in our mission of Deliver technologies that change lives. This ecosystem integrates a similarity in values ​​that reflects our corporate actions and purposes, reflecting speed and belonging to the different elements of the Universe, honoring the history of recognized comets; for its near-Earth journey and continuing that journey through the galaxy.​


According to the theory, comets orbit around the sun, in their formation of carbon molecules, ice, dust and rocks, they are the protagonists of the generation of life on earth, they have also been associated with great events in history of humanity. Our channels are no exception and attending to a moment of transformation and big changes that we are sure will generate events and high impact, which is why we have remembered these giants with bright tails to recognize the level of each of the allies that today they decide to build this story with us. 


Digital Ware, in its continuous commitment to its clients and allies, has established a new strategy based on the structuring of an ecosystem of Channels of distribution that brings together all those business partners in the region that want in some way to distribute, implement, or complement the value offer of the Digital Ware portfolio. 

Our identity is associated with speed and routes that take us down new paths and opportunities.

Mayorista / Reseller

Rol principal es revender las soluciones de DW (Kactus HCM, Seven ERP, Hosvital HIS , Klinic HIS u otros). Vinculación a través de un mayorista

Canal Gold

Canal certificado por DW en la venta, implementación y soporte de todos o algunos productos del portafolio ofrecido por DW, que además puede utilizar el producto DW para realizar integraciones o desarrollo adicionales de valor agregado. 


Canal Silver

Canal certificado por DW en la venta, implementación y soporte de todos o algunos productos del portafolio ofrecido por DW, que además puede utilizar el producto DW para realizar integraciones o desarrollo adicionales de valor agregado. 

Service Partner

Canal certificado en la implementación  de todos o algunos productos del portafolio ofrecido por DW.

 Este tipo de canal también está en la capacidad de proveer servicio de soporte técnico, realizar integraciones  o desarrollos de valor agregado

Solutions integrals


Certificaciones a Socios de Negocio por segmentación

CERTIFICATE: It is necessary to acquire some degrees of knowledge and endorsed by the Digital Ware Academy.​​

VALUE ADDED:  Digital Ware offers it as part of their membership 


Lo invitamos a ser socio de negocio de nuestras soluciones para llegar a empresas de diferentes sectores económicos en Latinoamérica y Colombia

Le ofrecemos en cada categoría beneficios:

Rules and regulations

Channel regulations in terms of Agreements of confidentiality, description, scope and profiling, are set initially by the Channel Plan document and will be accompanied by the legal contract​.

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